Salmon and steelhead streamers

Salmon flies and steelhead streamers are special fly patterns used for fly fishing for salmon and steelhead (a type of sea trout). They are often very colorful, large and eye-catching to attract the attention of the fish. Salmon flies and steelhead streamers can be made of different materials such as feathers, hair, plastic or metal. They are usually tied on special hooks or tubes that offer better durability and flexibility.

Salmon flies and steelhead streamers come in many different shapes and varieties depending on what type of salmon or steelhead you are targeting, what time of year it is and what water conditions prevail. Some well-known salmon flies include Ally Shrimp, Green Highlander, Black Doctor, Frances and Sunray Shadow1. Some popular steelhead streamers are for example Intruder, Egg Sucking Leech, Skagit Minnow or Bunny Leech2.

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